Mastering the Light.

When it comes to taking photos of cityscape, obstacles such as trees, street lights walking pedestrians halt my progress, well, that applies to me but I don’t know if it affects others. So far, the biggest problem that destroys my pictures are the lamp posts, when using long shutter mode, lampposts seem to be over exposed, causing a part of the picture to be too bright, reducing the details of whatever is near that source of light and hence, creating a destroyed picture.

Some suggestions I had found on the internet are stuff like using a lens hood and using filters, I had tried lens hoods but they didn’t work for me. However, I don’t see how using filters can solve the problem, if less light enters the lens, what you want focused, such as the building lights, still require more amount of time for the details to be captured, and if the street lights are still there, won’t the amount of light entering the lens be the same as not using a filter?

Here are some examples of over-exposed images..

A better photo but the lights at the bottom are somewhat overexposed too. The Ascott sign cannot be seen anymore due to the over-exposed streetlights.

This is also one of the better shots, with the stripes being clear and sharp.

Here’s one where the lighting poses no problem at all, a perfect shot in my eyes! The manual settings worked for this case because there isn’t any direct source of light.

Now can any experts or more experienced photographers give some comments or suggestions?Thanks!


~ by singapor3 on September 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Mastering the Light.”

  1. A black card may be handy to block strong sources of light, don’t use it too long though, else the difference in exposure will show up between the covered and uncovered portion.

  2. Thanks Raymond! Will try this method!

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